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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Whish Body Wash, and Sugar Scrub

If you had three wishes, would one of them be a beautifully scented bath and body line? Well, maybe not, but Whish does have a Body Butter Body Wash and Sugar Scrub collection called: "Three Whishes" that is hard not to love! The products are in lemongrass, almond, or pomegranate. These are scents that both men and women will love.

The Advice Sisters have previously reviewed Wish Shave Crave (the first non foaming shaving cream for women) and Shave Savour (the first "after shave" product for women) in previous What Works column. All of these deliciously scented products make you feel pampered, and contain products that are paraben, sulfate, TEA & DEA, and petrochemical Free.

But there is so much more! Whish Three Whishes Body Wash $22.00 13 oz. is full of moisturizing and calming, natural ingredients. Organic shea butter, organic raspberry butter and organic aloe moisturize, while a combination of wheat, sugar, and corn derived ingredients cleanse. Organic cucumber and organic marigold, smoothe. The pearly pink liquid is dispensed from a clear, plastic pump bottle, allowing the fruity scent to waft through your shower.

While you’re at it, you can slough away some of those dead, dull, itchy, dry, and generally icky skin cells on legs and arms with Three Whishes Sugar Scrub. The large, plastic jar is so mild you can even use it before you shave your legs, but the product is slightly gritty–not so much it irritates you skin, but just enough to be effective. Even better, it isn’t the usual, runny, greasy, messy stuff that falls off your body the minute you try to apply it. The consistency of Three Whishes Sugar Scrub $38.00 12 oz. features a moisturizing base of organic beeswax and shea butter., whipped to become a soft solid. Scoop out just the amount you need and it will stay put as you exfoliate. Brown sugar, raspberry seed, and bamboo powder do the heavy lifting, to exfoliate, while organic shea butter, organic, antioxidant raspberry butter and organic aloe moisturize, and Vitamin E extract, and organic avocado oil, renew your skin, The product has no preservatives, but it is supposed to hold it’s consistency for up to a year. If It starts to get "Runny" you haven’t exfoliated often enough.That won’t be a problem though–this exfoliator is a pleasure to use so you will reach for it, often. The Whish products are a bit pricier than some, but the exceptional essential oil "flavors" and natural and organic, body-pampering formulas are worth the little splurge.
There's also a Body Butter $25.00 5 fl. oz. with organic shea butter, organic raspberry butter, organic aloe, organic seaweed and organic bran oil in all three "flavors" to soothe and smooth and moisturize. the perfect triple play to make skin wonderful, and a pleasing experience for all.
Visit the Whish Web Site for more information, and to order

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